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Monday, March 1, 2010

Youth Orchestra

And the Orchestra Played On

I played in a youth orchestra for three years in high school. The Young Artists Philharmonic, directed by Mr. Princiotti, was the best group I had played in up to that point. The young musicians came from towns in southwestern Connecticut and even nearby Portchester, New York. Mr. Princiotti was as inspiring as Mr. Kupchynsky (in the article linked above), and he has now influenced several generations of music students. We played standards of the orchestral repertoire, my first time playing these great pieces.

The truly amazing thing to me is that he's still doing it. The Young Artists Philharmonic is celebrating its 50th anniversary this May, and Mr. Princiotti has been the director for all 50 years. The celebration includes a reunion concert. I wasn't going to go -- it's expensive to fly from Chicago and stay in a hotel, I can't fly with my horn because the case won't fit under the seat, it's right before the end of my school year... However, since reading the piece about "Mr. K," I am seriously reconsidering. I think I should go celebrate this wonderful musician and teacher and 50 years of music making. Time to check out expedia.

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